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Challenge 9

Challenge 8 ends tonight at 10pm EST!

Challenge 9: Hush

This challenge we would like to see angsty icons. As this is a Hush challenge, the icons must have no text. We're looking for icons that express a sad and/or dramatic scene, so look for caps of emotion and distress. This challenge is all about powerful images, crops, and contrast.  Don't be afraid to get too close or too far away - each technique has its advantage (ie. close crops center in on internal turmoil while far away crops denote loneliness). If you have any questiosn don't be afraid to comment with a question!

Screencaps from Star Trek: TOS and Star Trek XI may be used. Quality screencaps may be found at the following:
Star Trek: TOS
Star Trek: TOS
Star Trek XI
Star Trek XI: Trailors

Please respond to this post with your submissions. The icons are due by Sunday August 30 at 10pm EST.
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