June 25th, 2009

Dollhouse - echo blur


Hello everyone and welcome to trek_challenge , livejournal's first Star Trek TOS/XI icon challenge community! This is your friendly moderator, Liz; my co-mod Sonja, darlingbluewind, will be helping to run the challenges. Please read the rules and other info before you join!

Challenges (schedule) are Themed; what does that mean? Themed challenges run the gamut of Cap (screencaps are provided and all submitted icons must be composed of only the provided screencap(s)), Actor (submitted icons must feature a given out-of-character actor), Text (text, usually song lyrics, is provided and three or more consecutive words must be used in the submitted icon), Hush (submitted icons may not feature any form of text), Hunt (themes/criterion are provided while screencaps are not), anything else of which we can think, or any variation of the above.
Challenge ideas are welcome and may be suggested at any time! Many thanks for your ideas!

We are currently in need of bannermakers! We have five bannermakers - though we don't need any more persay, I'd like it if we had a couple others willing to fill in should someone be incapable of bannermaking on a given week.

Challenges will begin once the community has 15 participants. Please reply to this post if you wish to participate!

Participants: 19

EDIT: Thank you all for signing up! We now have enough participants and the first challenge will begin Friday June 26 at 10pm EST.

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