July 25th, 2009

Dollhouse - echo blur

A Voting Process Revision

There have been some concerns regarding the voting process used in the challenges. In the last three challenges the community has made use of a categorical voting system. Recently members have noted some valid points and loopholes that have since made the categorical voting system obsolete.

What I mean by "categorical" voting system, and to explain how votes have thus far been weighed, is that the votes are counted within the (first, second, third) placements. It is really rather simplistic. All first place votes are counted and the icon with the most first place votes wins said title. Likewise are the second and third place icons awarded. Obviously there are some problems that have arisen due to the inefficiency of the system, namely that some very good icons are shouldered out of a placement.

We have decided to overhaul the voting process in favor of a point voting system. This system will award icons points in ascending values parallel to how well the voter favors them. First place votes will receive three points. Second place votes will receive two points. Third place votes will receive one point. Each icon's points will be added up at the close of the voting period and the icon with the most points will win first place, that with the second most points will win second place, and that with the third most points will win third place. The new voting schematic will be as follows:

1st - 3pt 00
2nd - 2pt 00
3rd - 1pt 00

I hope that this post has allayed any concerns and/or questions that any of you might have. The change will take effect Sunday July 26 in time for the Challenge 4 Voting.