August 8th, 2009

Dollhouse - echo blur

Challenge 7

Apologies that this post is late; darlingbluewind leaves tomorrow morning for university and we were so caught up in our goodbye festivities (there was cake involved) that we forgot to post the new challenge! On a side note, if you would be interested in co-moderating the community please reply to the previous post.

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Please respond to this post with your submissions. The icons are due by Sunday August 16 at 10pm EST.
Dollhouse - echo blur


We must say a sad goodbye to darlingbluewind  as she leaves for University tomorrow. I am sad to see her go, especially as she will be unable to help mod the community once she is there. She has been with us since the beginning :(

I will continue to mod the community as best as I am able; but as I, too, will be leaving for University in a week, I think that I am going to need a little help. And a replacement mod for darlingbluewind . I am looking to gain two more co-mods to help run the site. If you think that you would like to be one, please comment to this post! Between the three of us it shouldn't be too much of a burden :) Graphics knowledge, though helpful, is not needful. I'm just looking for anyone who wants to help run the site and has the time to do it!

What will co-mods be doing?

Since I'm going to be pretty busy once I start classes, co-mods will basically be running the site with me. We'll take turns posting the challenges, voting, reminder, and results. Other tasks include tallying the votes and being the back-up bannermaker. Anything that you've seen me do on the site, the co-mods will probably end up doing as well.

Edit: I'd like to leave the post open for a little while before I respond to any of the comments (excluding questions. I'll be happy to answer any of those). I'd like to be sure that the people who volunteer will have the time and the inclination to dedicate an amount of time each week to the comm. I'll be choosing co-mods in about a week's time, maybe a bit longer. Please don't comment if you don't think that you can be active! However, if you are already an active participant and would like to graduate to mod-level and begin running the challenges with me, please do respond to this post! Thank you.
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