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Bannermakers' Rotation

To all current and/or prospective bannermakers,

The bannermaking will be set on rotation among four plus iconmakers. No single iconmaker should be the bannermaker more often than once per a month. The week's bannermaker will be named in the results challenge in accordance to the rotation schedule listed below.

Please post the banners within one week of the challenge results. The post must be tagged as "banners."

Banners may be approximately 300x300px in size, not necessarily square. All other features (shape, color, design) are to be designated at the bannermaker's discretion. There are no style guidelines, however it is suggested that the banner pick up on features of the challenge/icon.

The banner must include the name of the community, the challenge number, the name of the winner, the winner's title, and the winning icon/graphic.

If the bannermaker cannot make the banners for his or her assigned week (for whatever reason) please comment in the results post so that the mods know to replace him or her. It is also appreciated if the bannermaker comments in the results post simply to reinforce that he or she will indeed make the banners. Just so that the mods know. We worry.

If the banners have not been posted within one week of the results post and the bannermaker has not been in contact with any of the mods, one of the mods will act as the back up bannermaker and will make the banners as soon as possible. The original bannermaker will be taken off rotations. This is only if the bannermaker has neither made the banners nor spoken to any of the mods concerning not being able to make the deadline. If the banners are posted within a week or if the bannermaker tells the mods that he/she cannot make the banners then the bannermaker will not be removed from rotation.

If any iconmaker would like to either be removed from or added to the rotation, please comment to this post and it will be done.

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